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"After listening to this recording, I discovered that apart from being an outstanding double bass and bass guitar player, David is also a great composer and arranger, who with great taste, has been able to interconnect the musical styles that most have influenced him to create such a personal and original sound that is hard to achieve. “Where we come from” unites perfectly arranged compositions with the sole purpose of transmitting music. Because above all, this recording is about music and well played music it is! Both David as well as the other musicians that he selected excel on his first adventure. On the CD you will find influences from Jazz, Rock, Flamenco and North African music … styles that mingle, discuss, dictate and come and go in a natural, fluid and new way.


Thank you David for the gift of letting us into your musical world. I truly hope to hear much more of your work in the future. We will be on the look out.


Toño Miguel. April 2018"